Saturday, April 24, 2010

Field of Vision

What about the helmits which reduce the bikers field of Vision? The matter of fact is that the French hatred towards Islamic laws has made their field of vision blurred. The govt. of France is Panicky from the increasing numbers of converts to Islam. Currently the population of Muslims in France as per the official record is 10%. Such fines reflect the bias attitude of the Europeans towards the Muslim.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sachin is Human! Is he?

Mr. Sunil Gavasker always praises Sachin. Calls him Cricketing genius.
Sachin can be called a batting genius, but, not a cricketing genius.
Sachin failed as a captain of Indian Team.
He is not an allrounder.
He is not a regular bowler.
He is not an outstanding fielder.
Rarely he has served as a 12th man.
He doesn't know how to keep wickets.
He never gives batting cues to other junior cricketers.
So, can he be called as cricketing GENIUS?
The only cricketer who worships him is Sunil Gavasker.
Gavasker always thought that he is not a human.

Monday, April 19, 2010

US only Atomic Criminal

Why is the United States the only atomic Criminal?
It dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese cities.
It is mum on Israel's stockpile of nuclear weapons.
Bombed civilians in Veitnam, Combodia, Afghanistan, Iraq.
Biggest seller of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Has military bases in maximum countries in the world.
Toppled many countries through CIA.

Fast Food

Sunday, April 18, 2010

IPL organisers are the Real Theives

The greatest theft is the time of the public. The daily average of the time stolen of a person watching IPL is 6 hours. Millions of viewers are glued to their TV sets to see this IPL Circus gaining nothing. The development works are stalled. This cricket madness on the line of soccer mania of Europe has put India on the slow pace of development. Who benefits? The Capitalists.

Toilets and Mobile Phones

It is natural to have more mobile phones than toilets as a single toilet can be shared by upto 10 people, but, not the Mobile phones.

There was a time that the toilets were more than the landline fixed phones.

Now the times have changed. We can find mobile toilets as well.

PM must drop Tharoor: Advani

What a Shame Mr. Advani for asking the PM to drop Shri Shahshi Tharoor for just irrelevant issue of IPL.

Can I ask you that why you opposed the sacking of Narendra Modi after the Gujrat Genocide which was the act of International Shame. At that time your were a cabinet minister in thee ruling party and now you are in opposition.