Tuesday, September 23, 2014

::::Huthis and Shi`ism::::

The Saudi and Qatari Wahhabi media are purposefully confusing the issues about the religious affiliation of the Huthis: 
they are purposefully confusing Huthism with Zaydism and with Jardism and with Shi`ite twelvers. 
Huthis are Zaydis but it is a political movement with its own agenda. 
It is not part of the Shi`ite twelvers religiously. 
It is also not the same as Jarudism. 
But for the bigoted Wahhabi media, they all are the same.

Joke of the 21st century

Presidential elections in Afghanistan: A Joke of the 21st century
"Afghanistan’s American and other international supporters have made a democratic transfer of power a precondition for the continuance of extensive foreign aid programs to the country." 
Condition for continuance of foreign aid? 
When did Afghanistan ever had a decent presidential election under US occupation? 
The last one which brought Karzai? 
Or this one?  
What do you say about a presidential election where the two sides agreed to keep the results secret?