Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Brave Arabs

Editor of the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), May 12, 2008 Tariq Al-Homayed severely criticized the Arab foreign ministers' meeting, what he called "the cowardly Arabs," i.e. the Arab countries which could not decide where to stand in the clash between the axis of the radical countries and the bloc of moderate countries. He wrote: "How long will these countries fear?... Now that Beirut has fallen into the hands of Iran, and Fuad Al-Siniora's government is under siege... the Arabs have no choice but to confront Iran... because [they had better know] that that which they fear today will happen tomorrow. Iran's [influence] is spreading throughout all the Arab countries, and it is imperative that the Arabs stand fast against the collapse of the Arab states and uphold them from being torn apart from within..."

Mr. Tariq is a very brave journalist, he dares to call the Arabs,"The cowardly Arabs." But, against whom? The Hizbollah. He reminds Arab's their cowardice. But, Israel's 11 month siege of Gaza, daily killings of Palestinian children and women. The Arab is silent. Mr Tariq did not used the word "cowardice" on this issue. We know from where Mr. Tariq is calling from. How brave he is!


The Egyptian government dailies were also harshly critical of Hizbullah. For example, in an article in Al-Gumhouriyya , the paper's editor and MP Muhammad Ali Ibrahim attacked Nasrallah, against the backdrop of Hizbullah's takeover of Lebanon. Al-Gumhouriyya, Egypt, (May 11, 2008) Ibrahim wrote that Nasrallah was a new example of "Islamic fascism"... whose other representatives are Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al in Gaza and Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mahdi 'Akef in Egypt, and added that this fascism's main aims were to institute the political agenda of its funders, to topple the "secular" states, and to establish an Islamic Caliphate, even over the dead bodies of the citizens of Lebanon, Egypt, or any other "secular" state.

Mr. Editor & MP Muhammad Ali Ibrahim is calling his country as secular as if he is unaware of that the current government is establish over the dead bodies of minorities, freedom fighters and liberals. The presidents of his country are chosen for the life time not by the people, but, the MPs like him.


In his column in the London daily Al-Hayat , Jamil Al-Dhiyabi claimed that there was no difference between the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan in the 1990s and those of Hizbullah in Lebanon today. He wrote: "Hizbullah's fig leaf fell when Nasrallah's intentions and the Iranian agenda were exposed. Syria is laughing and showing its white teeth, because it has gained a new partner - Qatar. It declares that what is currently going on in Lebanon is a domestic issue, while Hizbullah is flying its banners and putting up posters on roofs and in [government] institutions... The time is ripe to think up a way to disarm Hizbullah, in accordance with U.N. resolutions No. 1559 and 1701 - especially since Hizbullah has aimed its weapons at Lebanon and organized a coup against its government and its people... "The actions of Nasrallah's militias will transform Lebanon into another Iraq. Security and stability will vanish from the streets of Beirut, and the gates will open for the allies of Al-Qaeda, Fath Al-Islam, and so on to become more powerful... Lebanon urgently needs an Arab or an international defense force... to restore the rule to the government so as to enable it to withstand Syria and Iran."(Al-Hayat (London), May 12, 2008)

The respected columnist Mr. Jamil Al-Dhiyabi compares Hizbollah to Talibans. What a joke. It seems that he is very much ill-informed or his inputs are from the news and article cuttings of the Israeli tabloids and newspapers. The Talibans were the creation of US, Europe and countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They killed the people brutally, raped the helpless women, looted the public properties, suicide bomb at the markets killing innocent people etc etc. While there are no reports of Hizbollah indulging in such acts. Mr. Jamil has no option to say the truth as his masters have trained him for biased writings. He also says that an Arab defence force should be sent to Lebanon. Mr. Jamil, Arab force,? Does it exist.? We have not heard this since 1967. Or you are talking about the Arab force of Saddam Husain which invaded Iran, then Kuwait and raped and killed Arab women over there. Or that Arab force which offers coffee to Israeli army instead of resisting.
Mr. Jamil you seem to be unaware of English language and your inputs are supplied by some western intelligence agencies.

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