Thursday, October 4, 2007

BJP bowled over by the Gowdas

BJP has been stung for the second time, this time by a political old horse, Deve Gowda. Though, first time it survived the sting by Mayawati, but, this time there are remote chances of its survival. The BJP had gone far ahead to grab the power after dumping its one of the ministers, without any success. Those who compromise their ideology face such kind of humiliations. Rajasthan and Gujarat are facing rebellions from the senior and polished BJP members. The approaching elections are alarm for this saffron party. These two states have already slipped away from its hands. Anti-incumbancy is at its peak. The party has reach to the point of no-return. The BJP has burned the bridges with its major NDF allies and the Ram Setu will not be able to let it cross to the power from the oblivion. The leadership issue is eroding its administrative base internally. To summarise, there is opposition to this party save from its own so-called disciplined cadres. The Uma Bhartis and Khuranas have already created the schism within the party. Any announcement of the mid-term poll will reduce its parliamentary seats into half. The stars are not favouring it nor the film stars can save it from dimming out. A poet says in such a situation:
Aage aage dekhye hota hai kya?
Ibtedae ishq hai rota hai kya?

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