Friday, October 19, 2007

The Saudi Religious Discourse Promotes Extremism

The hatred generated by the Wahhabis from and Saudi Arabia and world around has caused too much damage to the Muslim unity. These people have nothing but calling other Muslim believers as Kafirs. They talk only of killings and suicide bombings.

On this subject a columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Watan Khaled Al-Ghanami said that the exaggerated preoccupation with the issue of heresy is what encourages terrorism in Saudi Arabia. He wrote: "Unfortunately, the traditional religious discourse inadvertently serves those who are accusing people of heresy.

"When the mosques promulgate religious rulings and announcements that accuse other Islamic schools of thought, such as Sufism or Shi'ism, of heresy - while ignoring the fact that Sufism is an inseparable part of the Saudi identity and that the Shi'ites constitute a large proportion of the population in the eastern and southern areas of Saudi Arabia - this serves those who accuse others of heresy. Even the sentence 'We accuse of heresy only those whom Allah and His Messenger accused of heresy,' which is often repeated in the wider religious circles, is an inseparable part of the mentality of those who repeatedly accuse others of heresy. The debate over who is subject to this decree and who is not is only a small [part of the] controversy...>>>full article

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