Friday, March 4, 2011

Bahrain Pearl Square: No Room for Division

Slogans by the Bahraini Protesters.
We’re all Brothers- Sunnis and Shias, This Country is not for Sale-
Not Sunni, Not Shia, Only Bahraini
Not Sunni, Not Shia, only Bahraini Unity!
Not Sunni, not Shia, Our Demand are Legitimate

Slogans sound better in Arabic as they all rhyme but the message is clear:
"There is no room for sectarianism."
All the slogans, posters, banners and chants reaffirm this fact and the reality on the ground at LuLu roundabout and demonstrations testify to that.
So, O the Western Media! The task for you to divide through your propaganda on sectarian line has become very tough.

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