Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood criticized Bahrain Authorities

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on Wednesday called on Bahraini authorities to listen to the demands of the people. It also criticized authorities for painting demands for political and constitutional reform as sectarian issues.
In a statement, the Brotherhood expressed its concerns about the escalation of events and the resulting casualties in Bahrain, saying this escalation "portends grave dangers."
The group called on "the people of Bahrain in all walks of life to get over their differences and to put aside feelings of tribalism, sectarianism and factionalism.”
The Brotherhood also called on the authorities to “adopt the principle of dialogue to resolve problems in a context of Islamic brotherhood, national unity and kinsmanship."
“Popular demands reflect the people’s will and officials must listen to and enforce what is in the public’s best interest," read the statement.
The group warned that turning the political unrest into sectarian issues "would ignite strife, threaten national unity, and provide a pretext for foreign interventions."

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