Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Humiliation for Oil

By the Egyptian uprising, America was humiliated as it was by Tunisian revolution.
America was humiliated more in Libya as it had normalised its relation with the dictator Qaddafi few years back.
Now, America is all geared up to be humiliated in Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia by the people's protests, determined to overthrow its friends, the tyrants, the despots and the dictators.
Already, the Pakistanis are humiliating it after holding its citizen, Davis who shot to death two youths recently, even the judiciary has refused to bail him out.
Already, being humiliated in Afghanistan being unable to capture one old and sick man Osama bin Laden.
The series of humiliation will continue till the American people themselves rise up against the Zionist-backed Oppressive World Order.
Why these humiliations? Is it just for O I L or .......

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