Tuesday, March 15, 2011

America's "New World disOrder"

Every single day in the Middle East is a bad day for America and its allies.
George W Bush, the stupidest president in the democratic world history had coined the phrase "New World Order"  which has now become a joke.
Nothing is going in their favour, on the International arena and as well as in the domestic setup.
Wikileaks was a huge blow on the hypocritic face of United State's foreign policy followed by uprising in the Arab countries. The Arabs have called Enough is Enough and have ejected the stooges of America one by one, and, the process is on.
The once supposed to be powerful Israel is in panic. The countdown for the puppet regimes supported by US has begun.
Japan, one of the staunchest ally of US has suffered by the hands of the mother nature.
Now the time has come for strategic partners of this so-called world power to rethink on their foreign policies and be independent in their thoughts and dealings with the Middle Eastern countries.
The time as changed. There is no more the 'New World Order' for America.
It is now a complete disORDER for its planning and policies. Bullying to the developing and weak nations is coming to an end.

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