Friday, February 18, 2011

Coma Hospital

The dictators could not bear the life of being out of power. Last week former Egyptian president and a friend of Israel, Husni Mubarak went into coma in Sharm al Shaeikh. Yesterday, Tunisian former president Ben Ali also slipped into coma in Saudi Arabia and inshaAllah soon other despots will follow him.
Saudis should build a grand hospital in their country and put these dictators into it altogether. Mubarak should be mummified as per the Egyptian Pharaohic tradition. Saudis should make a special request to Zionists (their long time friend) to send Arial Sharon the butcher of Israel who is still in coma to this day, to be shifted to this hospital.
Later, this hospital to be converted into a Museum of the Tyrants, so that the rulers of the other countries take a lesson from it.

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