Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Jittery US

The year 2011 is not a good beginning for the US and the Europe alike. The uprising in the Arab countries has left them jittery:
They fear the impact on oil field in Libya.
They fear the impact on peace treaty of Egypt and Israel.
They fear the impact on their military presence in Bahrain.
They fear the impact of losing loyal allies like Yemen, Tunisia, Saudia, Jordan and many countries run by the dictators and puppets.
The so-called champions of democracy are losing their ground and trying to consolidate their influence in many countries.
When the revolution begins, they support the tyrant rulers. Later, when they find the people are on the verge of victory, they verbally support the people.
They consider the masses as fools.
Soon they will know their true position after the democratic setup in these countries (if they are allowed to do so).

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