Sunday, February 20, 2011

House of Saud: Servant of Israel and America

In the 333 days of war between Israel and Lebanon, Hezbollah had defended their soil and forced the Zionist army to retreat shamefully. In this war the Muslim Ummah openely supported Hezbollah all over the world. But, Unfortunately the Saudi and Wahhabi regime worked hard against Hezbollah and tried its best that it could be defeated.
During the people's revolution in Egypt, this Najdi regime tried its best that Husni Mubarak remains in power.
Saudi gave full moral and military support to the Yemeni government to crush the uprising of the oppressed Yemenis.
This Wahhabi regime also financed the sectarian elements like al Qaida to create rift among Muslims in Iraq.
In the Bahrain uprising Saudi is playing a dirty role in helping to crush the people's protest.
Saudi Arabia was against the Palestinians and never uttered a word against the siege of Gaza by Israel.
Funded the extremists and fanatics of Pakistan to create sectarian chaos and disrespect the beliefs of other sects of Islam.
Bin Laden is the product of this same Wahhabi thoughts who do not believe in mercy, but, project an image of brutal Islam to the world.
The Talibans are the illegitimate offspring of these tyrant royal family active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, massacring innocent women and children in market place through suicide bombings.
The ruler of Saudia calls himself to be the "Khaadimul Haramayn Shareefayn" (servant of the twin Holy Shrines-Makkah and Madinah), while infact he is "Khadimul Yahood wan Nasaara" (servant of Israel and America).

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