Saturday, February 19, 2011

O King! See the Full Moon Now

Late in 2004, King Abdullah of Jordan coined a controversial phrase that still resonates powerfully in the Middle East: there was, he argued, a "Shia crescent" that went from Damascus to Tehran, passing through Baghdad, where a Shia-dominated government had taken power and was dictating a sectarian brand of politics that was radiating outwards from Iraq across the whole region.
The king's words were certainly prescient: the divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims looks like being one of the big themes of 2007 as both come to terms with the apparently unstoppable chaos in Iraq, the rise of Iran as a regional power, and the fear of new and catastrophic consequences if the US and/or Israel enter into armed confrontation with the Islamic republic...
Now, King Abdullah would be far too nervous that he was speculating about "Shia Crescent",while there has risen a Full Moon of the Muslims of the Arab countries.
O King! Its time to pack your bags and carefully select your country for the refugee status.

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