Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Opinion of the Israeli Intellectual Media

Although many Israeli commentators are rehearsing these fears about Islamist politics, some have questioned these reactions. "There are no religious slogans in Tahrir square, but still we look upon the Muslim Brotherhood as though it is the greatest threat," says Zvi Bar'el, veteran middle eastern affairs analyst for Haaretz newspaper. "This is how we are educated by the government and media, to see Islam as a symbol of evil."
Bar'el adds that Israelis do not register the contradiction of claiming to support democracy, but only on condition that Islamic parties such as the Palestinian Hamas or Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are not elected. "It has no meaning if you attach these terms," he says, adding that Israel's position is: "We support democracy, as long as you keep the dictatorial regimes in place."
Dr Bachar at the IPS says that Israeli policy is based on the assumption that there are only two alternatives in the Middle East: "a dictator that can be worked with – or chaos." He cautions that Israel "needs to change the record, insert a new disc".

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